Saturday, January 1, 2011

What is Hübsch?

Now, it's time for the very first post on our new blog. But what should the topic be? Why not take up a question that several customers have asked us since we founded Hübsch in September 2010.

  • What does Hübsch mean, and why did you choose such a strange name?

For our German readers, this question is really not relevant because the word is in fact German.

The word means "pretty" or "beautifying", which was our first reason for choosing this name. We believe that it fits our products, and we hope that you think that too.

We also chose the name for another reason. We simply love the "hidden" smiley in the name, because we think it says a lot about who we are.

Our slogan is "Where happiness lives", and that is what we believe our smiley resembles as well. We want happiness in our lives, and we hope that our products can bring happiness to the people who use them in their everyday lives.

Through this blog, we hope that we are able to bring just a little bit of happiness into your life.

Have a very happy day!


  1. Nice products. Just received your catalogue!

  2. Hello from Germany :-)

    Your blog is very hübsch, too!!!

    Congratulations! :-)


  3. Sunny greetings from Germany

    "Hübsch" is the perfect name for all the wonderful things.
    We look forward to your blog.

    Team lille sted

  4. Hi! Love your products and style! Looking forward to work with you! Marthina/Holmbytorp

  5. Thank you for all your positive comments. It means a lot to us that you like what we do - it makes us eager to try harder.